"With your support, our towns, our cities, and New Jersey as a whole can continue to grow in a responsible, constructive, and progressive way."


Reed Gusciora has represented New Jersey's 15th District in the State Legislature since he was first elected to the General Assembly in 1996. Consistently a strong, progressive voice, Assemblyman Gusciora has played a pivotal role in several of New Jersey's major policy advances in recent years, including in the introduction and passage of legislation enabling the State's medical marijuana program, as well as in the fight for marriage equality both in the legislature and in the courts. A dependable advocate for State workers' rights, unions, and New Jersey's middle class, Gusciora's portfolio includes legislation that would legally mandate quarterly pension payments. A staunch environmentalist and animal rights activist, Gusciora has spearheaded and passed legislation banning hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") and legislation calling for expanded definitions of animal cruelty and additional punishments for perpetrators.

Representing a district of considerable diversity, Gusciora works hard to propose legislative initiatives that will be in the best interest of all of his constituents. Most notably, Gusciora's proposal to cap property taxes at 2.2% of equalized value would substantially reduce property tax burdens for all of New Jersey's citizens. By introducing and passing legislation that would expand economic development opportunities around the State, Gusciora hopes to promote small business and industry growth.

Encompassing East Amwell, Ewing, Hopewell Borough and Township, Lambertville, Lawrence, Pennington, Trenton, West Amwell, and West Windsor, the 15th legislative district exemplifies New Jersey's diversity, culture, and history. From the Revolution, World War II and to the present, Trenton has played a pivotal role as one of our State's political and industrial centers, while the surrounding towns boast picturesque farmland and community charm unlike anywhere else in the country.