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  • Just saw you wasted a day hanging out with law breaking illegals

    That is not the job you were elected to do

    Do your job and represent the citizens of NJ

    How about working on lowering property taxes and helping the elderly

    Why would you invite criminals and give them a platform

    You should have called ICE and hand them picked up at the curb
  • Hello,

    I am a writer for The Daily Princetonian, Princeton University’s student newspaper. Currently, I am writing an article on the enforcement of underage drinking laws. I saw that you came to a Princeton town council meeting last spring to support an ordinance that prohibits underage drinking on private property. I would like to know your reasons for supporting this measure and why New Jersey has this loophole in the law. Would you be willing to answer a few questions on the phone or via e-mail?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • I-95 in Lawrence Township was approved in 2007 for a sound barrier wall from MP 6.6 to MP 7.1. The wall was never built because of lack of funds. Now that the gas tax is replenishing the Transportation Trust Fund, will we see the wall finally built? It would greatly improve quality of life and help property values in our neighborhood.
  • Please oppose Gov. Christie’s bill A4429/S2855 that would move public notifications to only government agency websites. I think this is a bad, short-sighted idea that would leave the public vulnerable and less able to access these notices. Our newspapers—print and on-line—continue to be a necessary component of government transparency and citizen awareness.
  • I have read with concern in the Trenton Times about the bill that Gov. Christie wants to ram through the legislature to eliminate the govt. requirement to post legal notices in local newspapers. As with much this governor does, it is wrong for multiple reasons, including the alleged savings for local municipalities. Also, in the same bill is an ethics change allowing him to write and profit from a book while in office. That should be the poison pill for this bill in and of itself. I don’t think we should allow public officials to potentially profit while in office from commercial publishers.

    Please do everything in your power to defeat this bill. I know it is bundled with some pay raises, but the principles involved here are greater than that. Those officials should get a raise from a clean bill. There is no good reason these issues should even be covered in one bill—it’s just craven politics in NJ again. Please be better than that.
  • Greetings Representative Gusciora,

    I have to bring up an issue close to my heart: voter eligibility. I find it ridiculous that intelligent Americans who want a say in their leaders are being denied the right to vote. I am talking about minors. I want people of all ages to be allowed to vote. As a minor myself, I want to be able to choose who will lead our nation.

    This is not a new or radical idea. Women and minorities were previously seen as too unintelligible or crazy to vote. Yet, it was just seen as a fact of life for them that they were dumb. Is it ok to portray minors as dumb or radical, but not women and minorities? I don’t think so.

    This is also an unconstitutional law, as the 5th and 14th Amendments explicitly state that no Americans shall be deprived of their due process rights (life, liberty, or property). Seeing as voting is a clear liberty, the laws that prohibit minors from voting are effectively saying that minors are not Americans. Condescending policies like that are not what we need.

    Of course, the main issue that people have with minors is that we are not educated enough to choose who will lead the nation. I find these comments degrading, and false. I know many minors; younger and older than me; who are probably more educated about current politics than some adults who vote. We have views too.

    Based on the arguments I have presented, I hope you take minors into account when election season comes around. So please, take the step of progression into making the greatest state in the US (New Jersey) the first to let people of all ages vote. I urge you to propose a bill on the topic, to make my dream, and many others’ dreams, a possibility.


    Jack Granahan

    Proud Citizen of New Jersey’s 15th District
  • I am respectfully asking that YOU vote “NO” on the gas tax.
  • Just read your proposal on cigar lounges. While I am not your constituent, I am totally opposed to this bill. In Princeton, the “aficionados” congregate on the sidewalk outside of the cigar store on Witherspoon, fouling the air and making the rest of us smell the odor. This is not what I would expect of you.
  • What is the status of the proposed legalized recreational marijuana in Atlantic City?
  • As a resident of the Island (right next to your friend, Rob Johnson) I am writing to urge you to vote Yes on SCR66/ACR160. The NJ DEPs new Flood Hazard Rules need to be overridden in order to keep New Jersey’s waterways and communities safe. Thank you.
  • Good Afternoon Assemblyman Gusciora,

    I heard that A3876 was introduced in the Assembly about a week ago that would change the age for casino gambling to 18. I was wondering if you could help with this as it seems absurd that an adult of this age can serve in the armed forces and yet not be able to participate in a game of blackjack. California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, Oklahoma, New York, Michigan, and Rhode Island have all done this. I also have here three links that appear to explain that senior citizens seem to have higher problem gambling rates than other segments of the population including young people. These take place in Canada where the age is 19 and in Rhode Island where the age is 18. This could serve as evidence against those who are concerned about problem gambling.

    I also found this online. According to this poll, an overwhelming majority of 91% think that it should be 18. Have a great day!😊😊😊👍👍👍

    Have a great day!!!😊😊😊

    David Baldock
  • Dear Mr. Gusciora, re: Penn East Pipeline Status?

    I am a new property owner of 80 Federal twist Rd. Stockton only to discover that a 30" gas pipe line is going to be installed parallel to Federal Twist Rd. I have not been able to secure ANY information about the status of this project. I am concerned because of the NJ Pinelands sad history. Their homes lost significant real estate value and it looks awful. Additionally, the regular herbicide baths needed to kill vegetation under the pipeline are killing everything. We feel betrayed. We bought this home because it was a pristine natural environment. Now we hear they are trying to dump waste water from fracking (highly radioactive) in Phillipsburg. The groundwater contamination would certainly percolate south to our property. We drink our well water. I contacted Mr. Lance from Hunterdon County but haven’t heard anything yet. Do you know Penn East Pipeline status? Does anyone know?

    We don’t want to leave, but this is awful.
  • I have raised this issue with you before. Taxpayers are TIRED to having to pay $$ for someone’s fantasy about Rutgers football – the place is a mess and we are footing the bill. You have not responded to me so I will probably not vote for you but just thought I would give it a try. Short message: Rutgers football is like Christie’s “race” for the whitehouse: use our money to promote your fantasies. That reminds me, why are we paying for a good deal of Christie’s costs?? Wake up!! We’re tired of do-nothing politicians – nothing personal.
  • Dear Mr. Gusciora,

    I am writing in regards to my opposition to the proposal of an expanded bear hunt. It’s bad enough to kill any of the bears. I have learned that the state of Idaho does not allow the taking of the mother bear with cubs, this is stated in their 2015-2016 Hunting regulations and Pennsy does not allow the taking of cubs. I know you care about animals and I want to say Thank you for your help and efforts in the past with regards to protecting animal rights. I know that you have done great things.

    I had met you in Ewing on Scotch rd. some years ago. I would speak to Kari with some of my concerns and she would always listen and give me time. I’m very grateful. Jesse Ventura commented on baiting bears and called it “an assassination” and he is reportedly a former Navy Seal. Food such as donuts and sweets being left out days in advance and then the bear comes and he meets his death. as far as the bill A2559, now this was in the minutes from 2009, it states that the Fish and Game council want complete control in decision making. This can’t happen, if it hasn’t as of yet. It’s comprised of hunters, a farmer and others, but it’s a bad idea. Why should they be the final say?

    I’m just relaying my thoughts to give you and would like to implore any help you can give in this matter.

    Thank you,


    Sharon Rose-W. trenton