Gusciora to FERC, Deny Permit to Disastrous PennEast Pipeline Project

(TRENTON, NJ) – Following an announcement by the PennEast Pipeline Company of their formal application for permit with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D – Hunterdon/Mercer) slams the pipeline company and calls on the federal agency to deny a permit to the company to begin construction on the vastly unpopular $1 billion project.

The PennEast Pipeline, which if approved by FERC would begin the construction process for a 36-inch wide natural gas pipeline that runs for several miles through Mercer County, as well as through a substantial portion of Hunterdon County.

“This project will have a detrimental effect upon the communities it would run through,” Gusciora said, “the construction of this pipeline will displace wildlife populations from their natural environments, and could force countless families and residents of Mercer County to move if their homes are along its path.”

Citing the company’s recent statements that attest the pipeline will have a positive economic impact and bring jobs to the State, Gusciora noted, “the pipeline’s promise of jobs and clean energy does neither; employment dissipates to less than two dozen jobs after the pipeline is built, and clean energy is coming at a hazardous price to those whom made no request for its construction to begin with.”

“I’m calling on FERC to deny PennEast’s application for permit,” said Gusciora. “Our homes and the health our citizens should not be surrendered to a profit-motivated company that does not have our best interest in mind.”

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